Authenticity guaranteed

We guarantee the authenticity of all our items and we assure our products are 100% genuine or your money back.

We guarantee the authenticity of all our items and we assure our products are 100% genuine and every doubtful item is automatically dismissed.

Before any item is listed on Pepa Lamarca, it undergoes a rigorous examination by our team of in-house experts who examine thoroughly every item regarding the manufacture and state of conservation and they all comply with the strict enforcement of laws on the sale of used goods to make sure they are not stolen.

We do not buy or sell counterfeit, replicas or any item that its authenticity is questionable to our experts. Besides, we never replace parts or materials from our items to keep their original value.

During each authenticity check, our expert authenticators look for the following:

  • Any indicator that the bag may be counterfeit. This includes checking the stitching, material and leather tests, inspection of the stamp(s), hardware examinations, and other indicators that are specific to the brand and style of the bag.
  • Any indictor that authentic parts of the bag have been tampered with. During examination, our experts also check to see if any original parts or aspects of the bag have been replaced with counterfeit or cheaper parts. For example, a Hermès Birkin bag may be authentic, but the previous owner has replaced the original lock with a cheaper or unofficial one.
  • Any signs of wear, tear, or other damage. Each scratch, mark, scuff, or other sign of damage is carefully noted by our team of experts. This allows us to list the bag with an accurate and genuine description.


Every single bag and accessory listed on Pepa Lamarca has gone through our authenticity check and been examined by our in-house experts.