Terms and Conditions

General Information

In compliance with Section 10 of Spain’s Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services Act 34/2002, of 11 July, the information identifying the company is set out below:

The website www.pepalamarca.com operates under the name PEPA LAMARCA, which is owned by Mrs. Maria José Lamarca Cuixart with ROI number: ES46225334A and with address in Barcelona, Contact email: info@pepalamarca.com.

PEPA LAMARCA, deposit and sale is an online store and private sales of second hand items. The web www.pepalamarca.com aims to trade online and private sale of retail vintage items and collectibles, all secondhand goods.

Product description

The items sold through the website www.pepalamarca.com are items deposited by the owners to PEPA LAMARCA for its sale.

All the items sold by PEPA LAMARCA, are second-hand items.

The detailed description of the products displayed on the website www.pepalamarca.com is based on information and images owned by PEPA LAMARCA, for which the company reserves all rights of use, and/or information and images provided by its suppliers.

The company is not liable for any errors in the information or product features shown.


We guarantee the authenticity of all our items and we assure our products are 100% genuine and every doubtful item is automatically dismissed.

Before any item is listed on Pepa Lamarca, it undergoes a rigorous examination by our team of in-house experts who examine thoroughly every item regarding the manufacture and state of conservation and they all comply with the strict enforcement of laws on the sale of used goods to make sure they are not stolen.

We do not buy or sell counterfeit, replicas or any item that its authenticity is questionable to our experts. Besides, we never replace parts or materials from our items to keep their original value.

During each authenticity check, our expert authenticators look for the following:

  • Any indicator that the bag may be counterfeit. This includes checking the stitching, material and leather tests, inspection of the stamp(s), hardware examinations, and other indicators that are specific to the brand and style of the bag.
  • Any indictor that authentic parts of the bag have been tampered with. During examination, our experts also check to see if any original parts or aspects of the bag have been replaced with counterfeit or cheaper parts. For example, a Hermès Birkin bag may be authentic, but the previous owner has replaced the original lock with a cheaper or unofficial one.
  • Any signs of wear, tear, or other damage. Each scratch, mark, scuff, or other sign of damage is carefully noted by our team of experts. This allows us to list the bag with an accurate and genuine description.

 Every single bag and accessory listed on Pepa Lamarca has gone through our authenticity check and been examined by our in-house experts.

Product availability

The availability of products on the website is updated based on our stock. All product orders are subject to the availability of the products.

PEPA LAMARCA will not intentionally put more units on sale than are available in stock.

If due to reasons it cannot control or by mistake PEPA LAMARCA puts on sale a product not available in stock and it is purchased by a customer, PEPA LAMARCA agrees to act in good faith and offer the customer the choice of:

  • A refund of any amounts they have paid without penalty and using the same means by which payment was made.
  • Replacement by another model of the same quality and value available in stock with the customer’s consent.
  • If there is a chance the product may become available, PEPA LAMARCA will send it with a new delivery time.


The prices of all PEPA LAMARCA items are presented ONLY in the EURO coin.

The prices of our jewelry items shown on www.pepalamarca.com include VAT (at the rate applicable by law at any given time) unless otherwise stated.

As our products leather goods - Handbags & accessories are second hand and we buy mainly from private individuals, prices are subject to VAT for second hand goods (REBU in Spain, similar to VAT Margin Scheme). When we sell second hand goods, the VAT is included in the invoice and it’s non tax deductible.

The prices of PEPA LAMARCA website  DO NOT include shipping or other costs that may be derived, except for the Spanish territory where transportation is free.

PEPA LAMARCA accepts no liability for any errors in the prices of the items shown. If there is an error in the final price of any item shown, PEPA LAMARCA will tell customers the new sale price as soon as possible and give customers concerned the chance to reconfirm their order or cancel their purchase.

If we cannot contact the customer their order will be cancelled and they will be given a refund of the amount of the wrong price they have paid. PEPA LAMARCA is not obliged to supply customers with a product at a wrong lower price even if their order has been confirmed.

Prices of items shown on the website are subject to variation. However, except as set out above for cases of error, any changes will not affect orders for which we have already sent an Order Confirmation email.

Eligibility for making purchases

You represent and warrant you will act in good faith by using this website only to make legitimate enquiries or orders and not to acquire products on www.pepalamarca.com for the purpose of resale or parallel distribution that brings you commercial gain.

If we think that a false or fraudulent order has been placed, we reserve the right to cancel it and reimburse the customer for any payments they have made without penalty for PEPA LAMARCA.

By using this website you undertake to truthfully and accurately provide the information you are asked for and agree that PEPA LAMARCA can use this information to contact you if need be. If you do not give us full information you will not be able to place your order.

By placing an order on the website you represent that you are over 18 and are legally allowed to enter into contracts.

Payment methods

PEPA LAMARCA provides its customers with a secure online payment gateway for credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, American Express and similar cards) operated by Sabadell Bank.

By authorising payment you confirm that you are the holder of the credit card or debit card. Credit cards are subject to validation checks and authorisation by their issuer, so if the issuer does not authorise the payment, PEPA LAMARCA will not be liable for non-delivery or late delivery as the purchase has not been completed.

Our web payments are processed by a secure payment system responsible to manage all the payment information. Also, all the bank data goes to our server through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and it’s transfer to a completely save environment.

PEPA LAMARCA will never store sensitive information such as card numbers or authentication codes.

PEPA LAMARCA also accept payment by bank transfer or bank deposit, PayPal payment as well as cash payment if local pickup. In this case PEPA LAMARCA reserves the right to delay sending the purchase until it has the necessary payment guarantees.

You agree to make full payment for the products purchased in the time specified by us.

Completing the order

Once you have accepted the terms and conditions of use and confirmed your purchase, you will receive an Order Confirmation email with the details of the transaction.

Delivery and returns policy

The prices of PEPA LAMARCA website of DO NOT include shipping or other costs that may be derived, except for the Spanish territory where transportation is free.

International customers who reside outside the UE or in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, are responsible for all custom duties, tariffs and import taxes incurred in shipping.

PEPA LAMARCA initially makes deliveries worldwide.

PEPA LAMARCA accepts international shipping on most of its items, depending on different circumstances, countries and subject to special conditions where the customer must always pay all costs both shipping fees, rates or international taxes levied on the products in the place where they are collected as well as any other costs that may arise.

Shipments are made using a courier service chosen by PEPA LAMARCA and delivery times depend on the availability of products making up the shipment.

We work with different companies depending on the destination. A package can usually be collected from us, within 24/48 hours. Unforeseen delays at customs or shipping to unusual destinations may result in longer delivery times.

You can follow your purchase clicking link with the tracking number sent to your email. Remember that it is not possible to change the destination address once the purchase is done.

The products will be shipped to the shipping address that the client has indicated during the process of placing the order.

In order to optimize delivery to all parties, the customer must indicate to PEPA LAMARCA a direction in which the order can be delivered within the normal working hours.

The Customer may resolve the provisions of the order placed within two (2) business days of receiving the items.

The customer has the power to return the items delivered within this period, in accordance with the provisions of the Spanish Retail Trade Act, in their original packaging, in the same state in which it was delivered (delivering accessories, cover, warranty, etc. if any), only in cases where the piece does not correspond to the description or it has very significant damages not indicated in the description and must be reasoned and justified by an authority in the matter.

The original and return shipping costs, as well as any damage not previously presented, must be paid by the customer, in all cases.

Method and delivery times

Once the purchase has been confirmed, the delivery time will not exceed 15 business days, with the usual delivery time of less than 48-72h for shipments within the national territory from Monday to Friday.

If after 5 working days from the Order Confirmation the customer has not agreed on a delivery date with the transport company, the customer should contact PEPA LAMARCA. If the client does not contact PEPA LAMARCA, the transport company will proceed to return the origin of the shipment, with the client having to bear the management expenses associated with the shipment and return.

Geographical scope

If we cannot guarantee safe shipment of products, PEPA LAMARCA reserves the right to restrict the geographical limits of delivery.

Delivery check

You agree to check the condition of your shipment when it is delivered by the carrier. If there is a problem (broken security tags, external blows, moisture, etc.) you should state what it is on the delivery note.

You should tell us about any delivery incidents by emailing info@pepalamarca.com.

Delivery will be completed when you (or someone else on your behalf) takes material possession of the product as demonstrated by signing the order receipt note at the delivery address.

Picked up at the store

PEPA LAMARCA offers the possibility of collecting at the showroom the product purchased online, and that it is available in the showroom of PEPA LAMARCA of Pau Alcover 60, bajos, Barcelona.

After making the item available in the store, we will inform you immediately by e-mail. You then have a period of 15 days to withdraw the item/s.

At the time of removal of the item in store, you must submit:

- E-mail of making the item available.
- Identity document in force that has a photograph incorporated
At that time, your identity will be verified, and a copy of the identity document may be made, which you expressly authorize by choosing this delivery method. The store also reserves the right to verify the payment card used to pay for the order. The purchased item will be delivered later and you must sign a proof of delivery.

You also have the possibility to request a person of your choice to go to pick up the item in its place and on your own in the conditions of this article. It will be necessary for the person authorized by you to carry:

- E-mail of making the article available.
- Your own identity document.
- Identity document of the buyer on behalf of which the item is to be removed.
- A letter signed by you authorizing this person to come to pick up the item in your name and on your own.
The store may make a copy of all these documents in order to guarantee their security and prevent any fraudulent use of their identity and / or their means of payment. You agree to inform the authorized person of the 15-day period available for the collection of the item in the store, and the necessary documents that will be requested so that the item can be removed.

Privacy policy

Pursuant to Spain’s Data Protection Act 15/1999, of 13 December, you are informed that any personal information you give us during the registration and purchase process on www.pepalamarca.com will be stored in files owned by Mrs. Maria José Lamarca Cuixart, for the following purposes:

  • To provide the services you ask for.
  • To keep you informed using electronic and/or physical media about the products and services offered by PEPA LAMARCA.

All the information we ask you for on the website is required so we can provide the services you ask for. PEPA LAMARCA does not warrant the proper provision of services if all the information requested in the registration and purchase process (including that marked as optional) is not provided.

Without prejudice to the purposes indicated in each case, the personal information we ask you for will be stored and managed with appropriate confidentiality using the computer security measures established by law to prevent unauthorised access to or misuse of your information, its handling, damage or loss.

You can exercise your rights to view, change, delete and object to the use of your personal information we gather on the website by emailing info@pepalamarca.com.

Prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing

Under Section 4 of Spain’s Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act 10/2010, of 28 April, you represent and warrant that you are the beneficial owner of the transaction, and we hereby advise you that your personal information may be given to the public authorities which are legally entitled to view it.

PEPA LAMARCA reserves the right to withhold the order until you identify yourself.

Amendment of the Terms of Purchase

PEPA LAMARCA reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions specified here at any time, and any such amendments will be published on this website with the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will be in effect during the time for which they are displayed and will be valid until they are amended by other duly published conditions.

Law and jurisdiction

The use of and any purchase contracts entered into on www.pepalamarca.com are governed by Spanish law.

Any disputes arising from these terms of purchase which cannot be resolved amicably will be resolved by the courts of Spain.


Pau Alcover 60, bajos
08017 - Barcelona, Spain
Tel. + 34 93 525 87 54